Expert Odd Job Man & Handyman Company Little Crosby L23

Need someone to do the little repairs at home or office? Have no clue how to fix the electric switches or how to hang a curtain? Don`t worry! It is always a good idea to have an expert handyman services by your side. And Harry's Services does offer you a whole team of professional handyman that are here to take care of those chores at home or office you are not able to complete. With our trustworthy and reliable handyman company in Little Crosby L23 you can be always tranquil that there is someone, who can handle your daily domestic issues.

Pro Property Maintenance Company Little Crosby L23

Consider us and receive:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Complete service satisfaction
  • Flexible booking
  • Full insurance

Pro Furniture Assembly, Flat Pack Services Little Crosby L23

Carpentry jobs - this can consist of particular complex and more simple jobs (but no construction carpentry, roofing and wood framing jobs). In case you need assistance with you plumbing, you can book the services of an expert in plumbing, for complex or simple jobs. No gas related plumbing services are offered though! You can also book specialists for the painting and decorating jobs you need done in your home or office. Some of the professional handymen services offered, include: tiling, plastering and skimming, sealing/grouting, wall boarding, etc.

Commercial or Residential Painting, Decorating, Odd jobs Little Crosby L23

Handyman Services Harry's ServicesOur handymen are also able to do a variety of other tasks around the house, including construction work, decoration and painting indoor and outdoor. They can replace cabinet handles and knobs, adjust cupboards, their hinges and door knobs. It’s also in their arsenal to install kick plate and put signage, mount bath screens, replace the weather protection stripping of an inside door, baby proof your entire home – install stair gates, baby proof catch, baby gates.

They are also capable of doing complex tasks like refurbishment work and decoration. For jobs that will need more than 1 day you can request an on site examination so we can make a plan and give you an on site quote straight away. Based on that estimate our handyman can work, looking to fit into a schedule that has been pre-determined. Additional help can be hired if the job is big enough, like house painting inside and out, renovations, window fitting, full house rewiring if time is of the essence etc. Since the service is charged per hour you’ll be booking the handyman for a certain amount of time, further charges like tolls, parking tickets and so forth still apply and will be charged to your account.

Domestic or Commercial Hanging and Wall Mounting Little Crosby L23

By understanding how important your time is, we always try to make handyman services Little Crosby L23 as fast as possible. In addition to this, handyman includes all of the below benefits and advantages:

  • Flexible payment methods - cards, cash, No up front payment
  • Flexible rates with possibility for discounts to all loyal and regular clients
  • Various tasks and chores to embrace, Kind attitude
  • Many options for a job performance till the best solution is found
  • Carrying all the instruments and tools - if required
  • Non-stop customer care for rescheduling, questions and etc

Book Harry's Services Handyman Call for Special Prices!

You can book us at any time of the night or day by contacting 020 3746 3071. There is a booking form which you can access via the website, use it to request a call back or book directly. The online live chat room is available for free quotes and inquiries, go there if you require questions answered quick. You can contact us totally free, at any time, 24/7.